I'd fire the Donald for that Apprentice finale

After all the tasks Donald Trump put the teams on the latest Apprentice through he needs to learn a lesson in how to run a season finale... Because he stunk. Yes, this is a show I'm partially into and I caught tonight's decisive moment despite the grainy reception we get on our rabbit ears. The live event wherein Donald would choose the third apprentice was choppy and poorly executed at best. A panel of former contestants from the current season was barely consulted and, when some of them were, Mr. Trump didn't even remember who worked for whom during what task. It was also completely apparent that Trump would hire the favored Kendra despite trying to deflect predictions by probing about some crying she did after their last task then giddily brushing it off as some sort of clever test. Pish! Anyway, the best woman won and now I can regain yet another hour of my weekday evenings... At least until next season. Boy, maybe taking away my favorite BitTorrent sites is a good thing. I'll surely be more productive if a) I can't download HDTV quality shows and b) I decide it's against my best interest (and the interest of my eye sight) to watch fuzzy, non-cable or satellite TV.

In other news, since I haven't been posting this last week I decided to give everyone a glimpse into the local weather by taking a series of shots with my webcam to put together a time lapse. Here it is and I hope all is well with everyone!

View video (WMV, 1MB)

posted May 19, 2005 under northwest weather, the apprentice, thunderstorm, time lapse  

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