Jedi's don't wear glasses

No one ever thinks of a four-eyed Jedi, now do they? Well, neither will I. This Halloween I will be the best Jedi in north Tacoma once I complete my patented LEDsabre. Oh, wait... I probably just gave it away, didn't I? At any rate, I'm working on building myself a Star Wars-inspired prop that will blow any other I've seen on the 'net away. Yes, a light sabre is the prop of which I speak. Any real-world creation of this device seems either to be little more than a plastic cone-cover flashlight to a highly fragile neon tube attached to a handle. Some iterations are also made from indiglo strip covered poles that look good but carry a hefty price tag.

The Kevin Freitas version will glow light the ones in the movies but will be made of such material as to be waterproof and ready for real sword play. Stay tuned as the project advances...

Kevin Freitas' rough 'n tumble light sabre

posted Oct 20, 2002 under halloween, jedi knight, led, light saber, light sabre, pvc, star wars  

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