Just another sunrise

You may think this sounds like an off-the-wall statement but lately I don't feel like I've been taking nearly enough pictures. Don't believe me? When I first started taking digital shots after receiving a camera as a Christmas gift I couldn't put the thing down. This went on for a few years wherein I took photos of everything from the mundane to the extra special. Dirty dishwater bubbles would occupy my attention along with waterfalls on any good hike we might take. Lately, however, due to the motion of life around me involving freelance web work, wedding planning, regular work and a general need to unwind once in a while, I feel my photography has been somehow lacking. I guess it could be that I'm becoming far more selective with the shots I take. I didn't go to any rally events this year partially because, although fun, I'd need to step up my equipment to take the same quality shots as some of the professionals already out there.

Maybe that's just it. I struggled last December with whether or not to get some new , more professional camera equipment. What may take some of the pearly luster from my photography may be that I don't want to become a pro. I don't want to shoot wedding after wedding or take shot after shot of car after car flying around gravel corner after gravel corner. The boundary between hobby and professional was pretty blurry when I started up PhotoRealWorld.com and, although a great way to get attention for my work, my heart just wasn't on the side of profiting from this stuff. Maybe someday I'll just be more of an artist and focus my attention there. I'd love to show some of my work and possibly in ways where the medium I show it on could also be a work of art (see my unfinished homemade digital picture frame.

Anyway, today's pictures come from just outside our house in North Tacoma. There were glorious bands of colors seemingly pulsing out from the unseen sunrise. Colorful clouds aside, seemingly anything looks cool to me when you silhouette that amazing tree across the street in front of it.

North Tacoma neighborhood tree silhouetted against a colorful sunrise

North Tacoma neighborhood trees silhouetted against bands of colorful clouds at sunrise

Colorful bands of clouds and a single lenticular cloud hangs above Mt. Rainier (not visible) at sunrise

The Moon shines through some morning haze near a band of colorful clouds

North Tacoma neighborhood tree branches silhouetted against a colorful sunrise

North Tacoma neighborhood tree silhouetted against a colorful sunrise

North Tacoma neighborhood trees and rooftops silhouetted against a colorful sunrise

posted Feb 3, 2005 under cloud bands, dawn, morning colors, sunrise  

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