Bird watching and our private dinner

Instead of signing up for morning a guided tour today Sarah and I opted to sleep in a bit and do something this afternoon. We did get up for yet another wonderful breakfast but we both lounged around in our bungalow after that. Sarah took some time to read while I wrote some journal entries and did some laundry by hand. An interesting fact about drying laundry around here without a machine is that it'll take the greater part of a week to dry a pair of boxers unless you make sure to set the article in direct sunlight. Although the temperature is certainly high enough the humidity seems to counteract what may evaporate thus keeping things wet. This isn't really an issue today since the sun is shining brightly whereas it certainly was during the rains over the last two days. Anyway, enough about laundry...

I spent some time this morning going on a little self-guided hike on a path through the nearby rainforest. Although not particularly challenging I saw a smattering of new sights. I was even able to witness a howler monkey jumping completely in the air from one tree to another. The nearby Carbonera river was a bit muddy and slightly swollen as well from the recent precip but it didn't stop me from cleaning my sandals in it and enjoying its cool waters for a few minutes.

After lunch we went out with Eduardo, our guide for the afternoon, to do some Costa Rican bird watching. Equipped with a nice spotting scope, a pair of binoculars, my camera, and plenty of water we started on a walk that would take us from fields to streams and from primary to secondary rainforest. Although I can't claim to remember every bird we saw Eduardo was certainly an expert at both identifying them as well as finding them. He'd see a speck on a fence a couple hundred yards off and easily train the spotting scope on it for us to see. I'll post a complete list of birds to go along with the incomplete set of photos I took through the spotting scope. Some excitement came upon crossing some of the streams that themselves cross directly over the dirt/gravel road. All were a bit swollen by the rains so we couldn't easily find a shallow path over a couple of them. It wasn't a bit deal for us since we simply removed our shoes, got a little wet, and made it across just fine. It was, however, an issue for an ill-equipped Hyundai tour mini-bus that attempted a river crossing without first checking it out. One of the streams had cut deeper into one of its banks but wasn't easily visible since the river was still filled to its brim. The bus got in the water but couldn't make it over the opposing lip and suddenly two groups of tourists round themselves at the end of the line. It was certainly no emergency but was definitely amusing to us. We, again, barefooted it across and were in great shape on the other side. Silly tourists!

Tonight Sarah and I enjoyed a private, candle lit dinner away from the other guests in a covered area by the resorts pool. We were only joined by our server and a mantis that took a shining to the warmth of the candle on our table. Lapa Rios likes to include this treat in the honeymoon package we signed up for and they make sure to do it on your last, special night staying here. We were fortunate the weather today was completely mellow compared to the last couple and we easily enjoyed our romantic meal before sleeping our last night here.

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