A lazy Friday afternoon

I took the afternoon off today as a part of my summer holiday vacation time given to me by PLU each year. I made a nice lunch and watched an episode of Enterprise on my computer when my nose noticed something that wasn't quite right. Despite the warm weather I knew it wasn't me so I decided to defer to the garbage can outside. It was picked up along the curb side today so I imagined that the lid remained open even where it resides under our kitchen window. I peeked out and saw the lid was down and really started to wonder what was making such a stink. I went outside, opened the can and was nearly overwhelmed by an odor that a thick group of flies seemed to thoroughly enjoy. Although emptied, something remained stuck to the bottom of the can that was likely some form of rancid meat.

Since managing house garbage when I was a kid and kitty litter then and now my nose isn't usually easily bested. This smell, however, was terrible. Once I realized where it was coming from I walked away from sheer disgust and could smell it on my clothes and in my nose like. The stench stuck to me like a freshly cut onion or bleach would. Extremely pleased with our upstairs neighbors for putting unbagged, old meat in our shared garbage I drenched the can with dish soap and gallons of water. I suppose if that's as bad as my Friday the 13th got I couldn't really complain... except to my landlord. ;)

I also took a fun time lapse video of a sad plant that perked up once watered. View video » (Windows Media, 555Kb)

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posted Aug 13, 2004 under garbage, plant stop motion, rancid meat  

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