Parking lot of dreams

If someone told you, fair Tacoma, that the LeMay car museum promised to dazzle anyone passing through Tacoma was to start construction this winter, would you believe them? Well don't. At least not entirely. If the City Council agrees to adjust their commitment of money for a grand tribute to American cars toward a lesser collectors center construction may just kick off soon. Even in this reduced form, I'll believe it when I see it.

Don't get me wrong, I want this attraction as much any anyone since I stumbled across the idea of LeMay while out searching for a freshwater spring marked in a USGS map and found myself at a grand property in Spanaway that holds a portion of his collection. It dazzled my imagination to learn that one family, one man gathered together so many amazing cars together of which I know nothing but can surely appreciate their beauty if nothing else.

A focus on autos in this way would be a welcome attraction that would encourage visitors not into our museums or our parks or at least give families the option of splitting up a bit while here. For everything to work out well efforts between the LeMay construction, local SoDo businesses, and potential Sounder rail construction need to be tightly coordinated to help preserve any progress that's been made in the area.

Is something (e.g. the collectors center) better than nothing or should LeMay just hold out until the full dream can be realized? The News Tribune seems to think so but do you?

posted Aug 27, 2007 under america's car museum, lemay museum, tacoma  

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