Life (take 2)

This certainly is a personal website so please bare with me as I share this. As I stand and at the threshold of my 30th Birthday next month, Sarah and I are separated and will soon be divorced. All this arose in June and continued to be all-consuming easily through July when she moved out. It's an understatement for me to say all this hit me as a shock and has been the most trying, difficult, and painful time of those nearly 30 years that I mentioned. Though married only 3-and-a-half years we were together nearly 10. Taking stock and moving on from a third of my life is taking time and care.

There is no hate but certainly hurt. Sarah and I have taken great care to understand the many facets to our relationship and are working hard to maintain an undeniable friendship and great respect for one another at the office. Sifting through that along with setting aside the marriage and connection as family we no longer share is trying for us both. Progress from the early days of this shock for me has been steady and with help -- but I still heal. The days aren't as dark as even just a month or two ago. Swings through good versus bad have leveled off but moments of anguish and pain still find their way into some days in surprising ways.

I write this publicly because I've chosen to be a person that others rely upon but who is also open with the the humanity of living life (hence the personal blog). I will never claim to be perfect but only hope to lead by example showing that sometimes life happens and that's OK. It's how I come out on the other end, what I learn, and what I maintain I'm proud of that will define who I become from this.

I ask for nothing but your patience with me as I explore this new path ahead of me. I have many commitments over the last few months that have suffered and for that and anyone that effects I apologize. Please respect, for both of us, the difficulty that this brings to our lives. Though I removed the comments area for this post you're welcome to email me with any thoughts, questions, offers of buying me a pint ;) , etc you may have.

Thank you with all my heart for taking the time to read through this. And please take care of one another with every minute and chance you get.

~ Kevin

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