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Sarah and I spent our last morning at Lapa Rios this morning. We woke up to our morning coffee delivery then showered and packed everything for our short flight back to San Jose. Once we checked out we left tips for the various staff and guides that made our stay so wonderful. We ate a light breakfast then took a truck down to Puerto Jimenez to do a little gift shopping while waiting for our plane. The flight back was just as smooth as the one we took earlier this week. A woman in one couple also coming from Lapa Rios was pretty nervous for the ride but, apparently, it proved smoother than their first flight. Also aboard was a group of six guys that had been backpacking through the Corcovado National Reserve on the Osa Peninsula. Sounded like quite an adventure judging by the packs they carried, the pain their feet looked to be in, and by the stories of tarps for night time shelter and low tide river crossings to avoid sharks and crocs they told.

Anyway, we're now back in San Jose at the Grano de Oro hotel. We just had a nice lunch and are going to chill out here for the rest of the afternoon/evening. This complementary internet connection is a nice way to briefly catch up with the rest of the world and type this shout out to let anyone reading know we're doing just spectacular. Tomorrow we go out on a tour to the Arenal volcano and hot springs(!) then fly out Monday to return home to the U.S. We've taken many a picture and will have plenty to share with everyone when we get back.

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