Not what you want to see on a mailbox (update 2)

Welcome to a bit of post-9/11 paranoia. The following is something I would prefer not to see on the mailbox just outside our office.

Biohazard note on mailbox

Hmm... This is fun! I'd much rather be tickled by one of those R2D2 mailboxen than something like this. Hopefully it was simply used as a stash for a local alley drug user and this isn't some cruel prank. A couple calls from our office didn't seem to make the post office jump on the issue so I certainly hope it's nothing serious. Nevertheless, if everyone at work dies from anthrax poisoning, I'll let you know.

Update - Still there (2007-04-04 @ 9:31am)
After learning about this note yesterday that's supposedly been there since Monday (at least), we're now on day 3. Nothing's changed even after calling our local post office. Yikes. Wonder if I should give Mr. Chertoff a call?

Update - All clear (2007-04-04 @ 3:42pm)
The note's gone without a bit of fanfare, quarantine, nor news helicopters. Guess Tacoma doesn't really need that kind of publicity anyway after other recent events.

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