Mandolin Cafe Tacoma and our Halloween decorations

We awoke this morning on a mission to make good on a promise made to ourselves yesterday: To try out the nearby Mandolin Cafe here in Tacoma. I'm pretty certain we were both thoroughly impressed. Although parking is sparse even on a Sunday mid-morning we found a spot and stepped into line. I had my sights set on a yummy looking cinnamon roll and Sarah on a orange-cranberry scone. I thought I had a particular drink in mind as well until reaching the counter and being seduced by a sign for pumpkin lattes. I went for it and ordered the other stuff and sat down with Sarah at a table with a chess board. Although, at my urging, we didn't play we did enjoy the atmosphere (a few seconds of the complimentary wi-fi) and our tasty treats. My favorite decoration in the place hung above their piano. It was a small bugle fitted to be a music light. Brilliant! I'm so going to do that someday. Anyway, we really enjoyed ourselves and I'm sure we'll be back.

The rest of the morning we spent half at Costco gathering some candy for Halloween and half at Tacoma Boys grabbing pumpkins and some other grocery odds and ends. Once back at the ranch we hauled out some of our own and borrowed decorations and went to it. Even a solid drizzle couldn't stop us from setting up lights, some scarecrows, piles of fake bones, and a large skeleton. All in all, I think it's the best Halloween display ever. Yeah. Also in the spirit of things Sarah baked us up some green cookies that look far weirder than they taste.

It should be fun to see the neighborhood kiddies next Monday. Sadly Sarah will be on business in Detroit but I'll surely have a good time handing out treats to the little tricksters of the area. A neighbor tells me I may see as many as 30 or 40 of the little rascals so I better be prepared for I'll have no tricks being dispensed this Halloween.

The Mandolin Cafe - customer service starts behind the counter (and under those Little Shop of Horrors-like lamps)

The Mandolin Cafe seating area (and chess set stolen from us -- not really)

The top of my pumpkin latte -- the drink wasn't too heavy or sweet but instead had a nice spice and pumpkin flavor to it

The seductive surface of Sarah's caramel macchiato

The bugle music lamp -- as a trumpet player I can honestly say "Best lamp ever!"

"One of you will be mine!" "Noooooooo!!!"

One of our Japanese maple's is turning an incredible shade of red

Sarah standing in front of our festive creation

The lighting makes this guy work

Green Anaheim peppers picked from our garden

No green Anaheim peppers were harmed in the making of this green cookie dough

The finished products -- they are good, don't let the hue fool you

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