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Knowing my love for SoDo as you do you can imagine seeing a menu posted for Mary's Burger Bistro had me pretty pumped. Best part is it looks pretty good, too. First, the hours. This spot will be breakfast and lunch only since they open from 6am to 3pm Monday through Friday and 9am to 2pm Saturday. Without dinner taking a look at their menu explains the awesome prices. They list six styles of burgers a few of which sound pretty tasty but, after choosing a style, you then choose among angus beef, breaded chicken, salmon or vegetarian patties for $5. Oh, and you can spring for a "Mighty" half-pound burger for a buck more or an "All Mighty" one pound(!!!) burger for two bits over two bucks more. Add fries and a drink for another two bucks. Guess I know where the post-college gents from our office will be going. Anything to help them kick the Jack 'n the Box habit. ;)

It's a pretty good-sized menu so stick with me here. There are also more plain burgers at a couple dollars each and a braut dog for $3. Soups? Sure! Cups are $2.29 and a bowl is $3.99. There are hot and cold sandwiches from which I'm sure to try their BLT and also their egg salad with Johnny's. Yum. These and the 6" subs weigh in well under $5. Then there are salads -- chef, chicken caesar, chicken BLT, potato, seafood, pasta, cucumber macaroni, and seasonal fruit salad.

There are also hand scooped, old fashioned milkshakes. Mary, are you trying to make you my second office? $2 for a medium and $3 for a large plus you can add real fruit of other tasty treats Blizzard style for 79 cents each.

Breakfast is served in the form of an ultimate burrito, croissant delux sandwich, a big sourdough grilled sandwich, and a French toast sandwich. There's also a list of lighter breakfast fair like banana cake(?), breakfast cookie, muffins, cinnamon rolls, granola cookies, bagels, and fresh fruit. And they serve espresso, too.

So there you have it. I imagine they're opening really soon but still have signs posted needing two baristas and two short order cooks. Call 253-779-0777 if you're someone who can help fill those shoes.

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