Lunch visit to Matador

Paid my first visit to downtown's Matador restaurant yesterday with Sarah and friends Galen and Reena. We stopped by for lunch on a stunning day and after I had a chance to take in that "Yellow" event. The place looks great inside and out with custom ironwork and table top work catching my eyes most. Large open windows let in a slight breeze and connect well the restaurant inside with the sidewalk seating outside.

The complimentary chips were warm, nicely salted and awesome especially with the mild-ish red salsa provided. We tried a quesadilla appetizer that came with four pieces and wouldn't overwhelm any meal you'd order. For lunch I had their spicy chicken sandwich. The sauce dripped over my fingers and onto the plate but was tasty enough that I didn't let any of it go to waste (but instead to my waist). The chicken was tender and balanced well with the other flavors including those onions. So yum. A skillet of meat and veggies for Galen's food looked amazing as did the ladies' food.

I've heard amazing things about Matador's happy hour and, now that I'm over the hump of getting there to try the place, will certainly stop by once in a while.

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