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How 'bout this for a gang: The Decepticons

Just play it cool boy, real cool [Photo by Gavin Jensen]I really don't want to type about much except for my great new shirt that my good buddy Cliff got for me the other day. I owe that boy big 'cause this shirt rules! There seems to be a fashion movement among nastalgic college students back to the '80s as shirts like this one have been popping up in retro clothing stores all around the area. Now, I don't think I've ever stepped foot in one of these stores (Hot Topic, Urban Outfitters, etc.) but I see the products on people around me. From Transformers to old-school Atari logo T-shirts, this stuff is back just in time for the new millenium's first summer. Complaints from here? No.

In the every day life of a college student, the end of a semester can really wear you down the most. Now, although my stress levels are near zero, it's easy to see how anyone could reach the breaking point in their classes. Hopefully soon the Sun will shine upon us like it should this time of year so we can all get out, throw some flying discs at one another, and one afternoon at a time just forget the pressures brought on by the end of Spring semester. Good luck everyone!

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