Mondays are fine by me

For some strange reason, going in to work this morning was easy. I understand why people dread Mondays like they do. Anything that brings a sunny and relaxing summer weekend to an end is a negative in most people's books. Not in mine. The last two days were fantastic but I just have no reason to be against going to work. The guys I work with are great, I'm learning new things every day, I have no homework when I clock out, and I'm getting paid. Sounds pretty good to me. Granted, I'm not outside shoveling gravel or tacking shingles to the tops of buildings. I know that. I'm just saying that with the job I have now, I'm perfectly content. Life will surely carry me well beyond working in the basement of the library at a small university. But for now, I'm content.

Sarah and I took some time to walk around campus again today right after I got home and before she had to leave for her first class of the second summer session. We picked up a straggler (Gavin) along the way. I'm making it a personal goal of mine to enjoy my free time with Sarah as much as I can. It's not often in the Northwest to find yourself caught in the middle of a week of clear weather. I just think it's a great time to pull back and enjoy two beautiful things at once. Plus it gives me a good excuse to take lots of pictures of her with my new camera. Now that can't be so bad. I just hope she doesn't mind.

In an on-going quest to introduce/assimilate good-looking women into the world of technology, I helped my housemate backup, reformat, and reinstall everything on her computer. Despite some issues with the hardware in her system, Kristin seemed to have no problem with the task. The plan is taking shape... Geeks everywhere rejoice!

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