More ships on Schuster: Blocking views or building business?

You docked by battleship!

The company that owns the docks where two military cargo ships sit along Schuster Parkway wants to clean up their dock and possibly expand. The article in the News Tribune focuses mostly on exactly what the dock owner would've wanted -- the environment. A new dock would be made from less harmful materials and allow more room for native tidal habitat. Oh yea, and the company also wants to allow for another two vessels to dock there thought they're not completely sure of that yet. Let me clarify: if they're going to spend who-knows-how-much to spruce up their dock, they sure as hell are going to want to dock more ships there to pay for it and keep their business viable.

In a follow-up article some nearby North Slope residents don't seem pleased at the prospect of more noise, soot, and light pollution more ships might bring. Comments are being taken by the City until Nov. 2 and a public meeting is being held the night of Nov. 14. With that huge steel umbrella that went up over that grain facility I would think folks that live close by would be hopping mad over yet another blight on the waterfront near their homes.

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The latter article mentioned above begs the question: Is this are part of the waterfront best suited for industrial use, is it a part of the nearby neighborhood or should it even be part of our parks? Where does Tacoma's waterfront begin and end? Does the City even have a master plan for our waterfront to help guide any decision as to allow or not this expansion?

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