Multimedia Extravaganza!

Better than the Main Street Electric Parade. More impressive than the Mona Lisa. More dazzling than the laser light show on Grand Coulee dam! It's Kevin and Li'l Shefa together at last in their first school project presentation. Today, the Columbia River Basalts seemingly flowed forth as my partner and I gave a talk on them. Earlier that day I took to typing my outline for the talk on my handheld computer and promptly decided that I needn't print it out. I could just as easily read my outline from on screen. Which is exactly what I did. It worked pretty well and felt like a good use of the technology. I'm also willing to wager that it was the first presentation given by a PLU student to use a handheld computer in it. Nevertheless, it was kinda' a fun tool to have at my disposal. Besides, if it makes something like a presentation more fun for me, I'm all for it!

Not much else went on today. Believe me, I'm counting the milliseconds 'til this semester ends. I can't say that I'll be too teary-eyed by the time December 17th rolls around.

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