There's glass in that thar museum

Sarah and I spent the afternoon together in downtown Tacoma today. We parked at the T-dome station and took the Link to Union Station where we walked over the bridge of glass to the Museum of Glass to use a pair of free tickets my co-worker gave me. A Seattle photographer had an area in the foyer set up to take portraits of whomever he chose of which he'd pick some to display there for a time. We weren't picked but enjoyed looking at some of his work and how he set things up for his shot. We then moved into a fascinating exhibit by Gregory Barsamian featuring large, mechanical sculptures exploiting the theory of persistence of vision. Animated figures danced about in mid-air but were actually attached to the outer portion of a large rotating stand that turned at the same speed as a nearby strobe light flashed. It was very nearly sickening and at the same time beautiful to watch as the sculptures whirred about into infinity.

We also saw an Italian glass artist in the hot shop as well as an interpretive dance by some UW students of that Barsamian exhibit. I felt terribly culturally enriched by this afternoon. Upon leaving the museum we were greeted by rain. No one was outside as if they'd forgotten what the weather around here is really like. We happily got a bit wet walking to a store then back to the train taking us to our car. It was a lovely afternoon capped off by a dinner of Thai (at Galanga, of course! best Thai food in Tacoma) and Antonio Banderas in Desperado.

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