Name that space - Step IV: The Poll Results

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Pacific Plaza naming poll. The results are in and the standout name you chose was Pacific Plaza. Here's a quick rundown of the totals:

23 Pacific Plaza
8 Triangle Square
7 Pacific Steps
7 Rainier Square
5 Tollefson Town Square
4 Pacific Promenade
2 People's Plaza
1 Cascade Square
1 Convention Center Plaza
1 Harold M. Tollefson Square
1 Tacoma Art Plaza
1 Tacoma Triangle
1 Tollefson Pacific Plaza

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Although the total number of votes may not seem like much it's past my goal to be able to make a point to the city council. That point is that on any given day at any give council or landmarks comission meeting is there ever over 40 or 50 public participants expected? If not, the poll on this website shows that, with a little effort, participation can be raised with some creative thinking so more people that live in this city can feel included.

Thanks again for voting! Over the next couple days I'll layout what I plan to say on the Pacific Plaza renaming topic at the Aug. 22 council meeting. I got a couple emails from my op ed piece in yesterday's Trib so my energy on this topic continues to be high. Keep next Tuesday night at 5pm in-mind because I'd like to have a few people besides me there to say a word or two in support of this issue. More to come.

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