New Narrows Bridge decks now all in place

Last piece of the Narrows Bridge nearly in placeSounds like the new Narrow Bridge is now actually a bridge. The last piece of deck was hoisted into place. Plenty more to be done but the hopes are for an Aug. 2007 opening. Congrats to TNC on this milestone now let's light this thing up for all to see!

1/31 - Last bridge piece in place, TNT

My big question is, will there be a big ribbon cutting ceremony with the bridge open for visitors to walk from end to end? I know the entire Glen Jackson bridge connecting Portland with Vancouver was completely opened for a time when I was a really little kid. I just think it'd be really special to let the community enjoy it a little before it becomes a necessary part of people's mundane commute.

Link to some Narrows Bridge pics I took the other day

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