The Money's There, Let's Light a Bridge!

Narrows Bridge Lights from Titlow beach

That's the message of the group trying to again light the Narrows Bridges. Instead of waiting for more money to light both bridges wants to get to work on the new one. Funds allocated early in 2007 to a sum of $1.5 million for decorative lighting on the new Narrows Bridge will be spent elsewhere if not used soon. So the wheels are now in motion use these funds to make this happen by Memorial Day 2008.

As a member of this enthusiastic group, I can attest to the overwhelmingly positive response we got while stationed at a booth on opening day. With over 1,400 comment cards gathered less than 10 were against decorative lights. I even hear from a squirrel in my attic that Governor Gregoire may soon be getting behind the plans and telling WSDOT to put the lights up. If this proves true, those gorgeous lights will soon become a stunning reality for all to see and enjoy.

Link to The News Tribune here and here

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