National Guard Armory photo safari

Last Tuesday I had the privilege to join a group of other local photographers for a safari inside the National Guard Armory. The nearly 100 year old building made for a rich subject. We started off by meeting up with Sharon from the City who arranged the event and signing a couple of waiver forms. From there we were led into the main gymnasium and allowed to roam around there and up into the tall tower. Finally came a tour of the lower levels where the former mess hall, some horse stables, and a rumored pool (though it may just be from flooding) used to be. The building mostly sits quiet save for plenty of offices on the main floor, training in the gym, and the occasional concert.

Thanks to folks at the City of Tacoma for arranging this and to the National Guard men and women who took time out of their day to let a bunch of weird photographers snap shots of seemingly boring stuff. Can't wait for the next safari (cough, Elks, cough)!

Door to nowhere

Signing our lives away

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posted Sep 5, 2007 under national guard armory, photo safari, tacoma  

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Photo Safari in the armory, Aug. 28

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