Neighborhood Market expired from my list

After grabbing food at The Red Hot a couple weeks ago Sarah and I remembered we needed some milk so we crossed the street to Neighborhood Market. [ map ] Nothing from the outside would really urge me away from this place with its available off-street parking and clean enough facade. We went inside and first enjoyed (or not) what seemed to be the smell of pot but, potentially even worse, could've been something in the store. As we wandered through to find milk a couple of the already tight aisles were clogged with piles of a lax re-stocking effort. Hey, as long as they had what I want and it's in a sealed container, I wasn't too worried about a little disorganization.

Once we found the milk I picked up one of the gallons and hear a "thud" when I moved it off-level. It had a column of solid milk ice which seemed odd until I noticed the expiration date. It was the same day. I suppose freezing the milk might help increase the shelf life a bit. Er something. I was satisfied with a nearby half gallon that still had a week to go and we headed for the checkout. Sarah did grab a quick box of toaster pastries as well.

The chill young man that checked us out then let us in on some kind of lonely bachelor secret scheme here that I didn't know about. He said the Pop Tarts were expired but, here's that kicker, that we could have them for 99 cents. What?! Since when did haggling cost for expired goods become OK? Since they're individually packaged and preserved little pastries we figured something a week or so past their recommended sell by date should be fine. In the car heading out we realized, however, that this particular box had expired in March 2006. Nice.

So, yea, Neighborhood Market? Not a big fan. I imagine there's some convenience in it for some but if they're not going to mark the place as a grocery outlet and be honest about the kind of stuff they carry, I'll pretty much steer clear.

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