launches with a new lease on life

My lovely wife's website just got a makeover and is now launched and ready for primetime. You can visit her/it at Now free from the chains of Blogger she's now free to push her husband around to add new features or change designs rather than rely on the templates provided on her old site. Congrats to her and here's to a successful and compelling blogging lifestyle.

This is actually a collaborative effort on my part with Gavin to co-create a solid blogging system that we may use and lend to friends and family as we see fit. Since he and I last got together for a day of coding I've made some advances I need to contribute to him. From there I have a couple websites I want to launch and will likely be utilizing this system to do so.

In other news... I'm still sore from Saturday's snowboarding excursion. Not immobilized but still a bit stiff here and there. I'm definitely better than yesterday but will probably look up some exercises I might do at the gym to help strengthen for any further snowboarding I may do.

Sarah's formerly Blogger-driven website

Sarah's new Freitas-coded site (much better, if I do say so myself) ;)

posted Feb 13, 2006 under blog,, new website  

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