Excuse me while I toot my web development horn

New SiteCrafting websiteTacoma web development firm, and my humble employer, SiteCrafting launched a spiffy new website today. Around the office, we're all pretty proud of the new site which is why I'm tooting my proverbial horn here. Heck, there's still features we want to add but loved it so much we just couldn't wait to get it out there. We aimed for the site to be a cut above the rest yet still get the the goods on our goods and services across to current and potential clients. We're also opting for more comfortable and hopefully more inviting "human" language throughout the site. With so much technology and jargon so far out of reach of many people we thought it was time to break that down a bit and, gasp!, heaven forbid, even have a little fun here and there.

The new site speaks well to every facet of our company from the rock solid and sophisticated sites we crank out to the whiffle ball we play in the office to unwind. I'm particularly proud of how easily the site layout scales for large font settings and seamlessly prints like it was created for paper. Feel free to toss any comments my way and I'll be sure to pass them along. (Psst... I happen to know the guy who made it). So cheers to good and standards-friendly web design. May it make the Internets a better place for us all!

Oh yeah, and "Toot, toot!"

SiteCrafting's new and improved homepage

posted Sep 13, 2006 under new website, re-design, sitecrafting, tacoma web development, website  

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