Building Photos, New Tacoma Awards, and Frost Park Chalk Art

What a great Friday to get out of the office a bit! I started off my day heading to the Tacoma Club to attend the New Tacoma Awards. The Chamber always puts on energetic luncheons and today was no exception. Tall Ships gave a recap presentation of 2005's event as well as what we can all look forward to this time around. The New Tacoma Awards themselves went to deserving nominees in all categories. Congrats folks behind the 505 Broadway, Lane Alfonso of GeoEngineers, Ken Grassi, the two recipients of the Union Stations Award (the owner of India Mahal and ____ -- I suck, didn't take notes), and even to Paul Ellis who won a lifetime achievement award and accepted via a video speech from his new home in St. Louis. Even had a chance to meet his replacement, double Masters student from UWT, Chelsea Levy who will begin next Monday. Welcome to her! Congratulations to my other fellow nominees and to everyone around downtown trying to help make a difference and energize Tacoma. And thanks to whomever thought I was worthy of a nomination in the first place. I'm excited to keep involved here in Tacoma and a nod like this is always humbling. Thanks!

Though we missed out on the main event at Frost Park today Patricia, Julie, Angela and I headed over to see the chalk art and whoever was still around. A couple folks were still filling the sidewalk with art (capitol idea there, RR!) and I had a chance to meet Maureen from Mad Hat Tea Company. Beautiful day out there so we hung around to enjoy Angela playing and singing a bit before I hopped the Link back to the ol' office.

Here's some pics I took wandering around before lunch then after at the park. Enjoy!

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