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A couple interesting water-related headlines from the Trib this morning. A local ferry will soon be up for sale and a seaside fire station may re-purposed. First, Pierce County plans to sell the 70-year old MV Steilacoom ferry after the new Steilacoom II hits the water and could be sold on eBay by year's end. From the article:

The vessel was built in 1936 by the U.S. Navy and transported troops to Pearl Harbor before the attack, Rickman said. The county acquired it for free as a donation from the federal government in 1976 and towed it from Hawaii to Pierce County.

Anyone want to go in together on this one? I've got $10 and some change in my pocket. Think that'll meet the minimum bid? This goes along well with my Tacoma to Seattle ferry idea or, as Thrice All American mentions, an alternate for those poor Gig Harbor, cross-bridge commuters.

Also, Mayor Bill Baarsma wants to re-purpose Fire Station 5 along Tacoma's beautiful Ruston Way as more of a central safety command used by fire, police and possibly Coast Guard. The idea might help establish federal funding which might be enough to re-open #5 as a working station again. It's currently used as offices for the fire department and as a place for weekend police patrols to rest up. From the article:

"It's such a strategic location," Baarsma said, noting that it could help police patrol Ruston Way, help the Fire Department increase response times with its boat, and possibly even aid in homeland security.

It is a beautiful station and it would be great to see it alive and kickin' again along the waterfront. And, frankly, after all the news of renewed gang activity and security concerns especially along the waterfront, it would be a welcome re-addition.

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