Nice broadband...

Thus far, today has gone smoothly. We all slaved away this morning at work to put together ethernet cables for the upincoming South Hall internet wiring here on campus. I say "slaving" because we have to make nearly 300 three foot cables and nearly 60 of other lengths. I can't come up with precise statistics but I think four of us can make about 50 or so an hour. It's a blistering pace that will aid in the development of calluses on all our fingers. The end is near, however, because we're past the 200-cable mark.

Good news for the day is that we got our high speed DSL internet connection working at our house. Finally my housemates and I will be able to press on and hook that I.V. known as connectivity back into our veins. Mmm... sweet, sweeeet broadband. <drool>

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