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Today was another day at home where I didn't do much more than laundry and take a really late shower. Today does, however, mark the beginning of a journey for me on the web. At the urging of my lovely girlfriend and of a low, low price, I purchased today from a company Sir Matt Agee recommended to me. Based out of Longview, WA, offers your own .net, .com., or .org at a price of $15 per year. The time was right, the money was present, and thus the .net address will be mine. I look forward to using my new web address in conjunction with a promising web server I'm putting the finishing touches on right here at home in La Center. The NT box will be ready just in time for a move into my summer home and will be welcome as relief for the cramps that come from using other storage-skimpy web servers.

Just to reassert myself: Fox tries some pretty stupid show ideas (e.g. Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire or Mysteries of the Mummies Revealed: Live) and local news broadcasts aren't worth the money spent on electricity to power the TV for their duration.

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