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Today it wasn't just me playing hooky but our entire office. Boss man Brian treated SiteCrafting to a day up on the slopes for our end of the year holiday party. We caravaned up in three cars and all started skiing or snowboarding shortly after 9am. I mostly hung with Reena since she rides about the same pace (though slightly better) as me and we hooked up with some of the other guys from time to time. It was pretty breezy up there but calmed down in the afternoon as a fresh layer of powder was dropped from above.

Everyone made a great day of it and got off the mountain in one fashion or another. And by "another" I mean one of our own had a bit of a boo-boo as a first-timer on the slopes that required a long ambulance ride back to civilization. It was mostly a precautionary measure since he's doing just fine and was actually in the office working when I stopped by on the way home.

Thanks to Brian for a treating us to an otherwise great time! I can't wait to hit it again with regular snowboarding buddy Steve the day after Christmas.

The snowy road to a good day

Me at the helm of the snowboarder's car

Fellow snowboarder Reena

Fellow snowboarder #2 Andrzej

It was goofy hat day on the mountain for Scott...

As well as Andrzej (although that skull and cross bones is pretty cool)

Action shot of Reena on a rather flat and boring cat track area

Mike surely doling out a heckling to someone

Scott (in the foreground) on his bum -- he did far better later in the day especially considering his 10 year hiatus from snowboarding

Holly in good spirits on her board

First time skier (and later first time ambulance rider) Joe

Dave totally lovin' skiing

Mike taking a bit of, uh, medicine before his next run

Boss man Brian and mike

Ken smiling through the pain of being a first timer

Hero shot of Andrzej

Hero shot of Holly

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