One Heart and a movie next door

Seems like an unavoidable combination since the Grand Cinema and One Heart Cafe next door to one another. We certainly took advantage of it yesterday during an afternoon downpour. Ensie and Frinklin picked up tickets for Inlaws & Outlaws [ imdb ] showing at the Tacoma Film Festival earlier that day which Sarah and I joined them for. More on that in a sec. After dodging raindrops on the way there we were told the movie would start fifteen minutes later than the scheduled 4:15pm time. The business ploy/partnership ;) with One Heart next door worked because that's exactly where we went to kill the time.

One Heart [ map ] is a charming place with a definite hippy-like vibe that felt pretty comfortable. There's plenty of art on the walls and options for sitting like stools staring out the front with provided computers, small tables, a larger table in back a huge comfy armchairs and couches in back -- nearly all of which were happily being taken up when we were there. I opted for a canned V8 (which I was happy they had available) while everyone else got a brewed drink. Sarah got a chai that she said she liked and gulped down fast enough that we didn't have to throw any away before heading back to the movie. The barista may have been a bit new 'cause he forgot about Frinklin's drink in the bustle of people that came over. I did like One Heart though I probably wouldn't seek it out unless there for a movie or sweet from Corina around the corner.

OK, so back to the movie. We went back and the film was already showing. Kinda' pissed me off 'cause I don't like being late for movies but they said they'd start it at 4:30pm which they didn't. Lovely. Even if the Grand is an independent theater, if they say something's going to start late, start it then so no one misses anything. Yea, so, Inlaws & Outlaws is a docu-pic focusing on self-told stories from straight and gay couples from around the Seattle area. All had lovely histories with one another some of which stretched back fifty years. It was truly heart warming to see the side-by-side comparison of gay couples with straight ones because of how the same the love shared in their relationships is. In TV and movies, that sort of thing isn't done enough. Only change I would make to it would be to edit out the transitional segments featuring the soundtrack's band and lead singer. Her over-acting the lyrics didn't add a thing to the movie and instead totally distracted me from the interesting stories being told throughout. The music itself was good and, imho, taking out those shots but leaving in the final one would help the consistency through the film greatly.

The Tacoma Film Festival runs through this Thursday and there's plenty more to see. Anybody else partake? Do share!

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