What else could fall?

The recent partial collapse at 12th and Fawcett got me wondering a bit. What other buildings are prime for an Eagle's Lodge-like demise? I know there are plenty of structures around town that look like they could easily just fall down. I want to know which ones you think are teetering on the edge and need some attention.

Drop your thoughts in the comments below and/or send pics of the ones you'd vote most likely to crumble under their own decay. Here also is a map of Tacoma's derelict buildings.

Derelict building in tideflatsFirst one that came to mind is the one I've shot in the tideflats a couple times on the corner of E. D and 11th. It's skewed wooden structure seems prone to collapse or fire and certainly hasn't been put to good use other than a dumping ground for quite some time.

posted Apr 5, 2007 under buildings, derelect, tacoma  

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