Photo ~ Bitchin' Lego Spaceship

That's right -- I may not be an engineer like my brother who can draw or build pretty much anything he wants but this things rocks! It's a long way from my earlier childhood Lego days wherein I'd create all brands of abstract, multi-colored, multi-faceted, whattheheckevers that only made sense in my own head. Nevertheless, I was happy with the outcome given the limited supply of Legos at my disposal in the offerings at the Stowe's last night.

That reminds me, think it's long overdue for another Lego party at mi casa. Any takers? If so, let the floors be covered in brick-blocky goodness and may you traverse them barefooted like many a Zen-like coal fire walkers that came before you.

posted Sep 5, 2008 under legos, space ship  

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