Get around looking at pictures

I'm a big fan of looking at pretty pictures. That's why I take photos and love to share them with you here. Although the writing stuff I do on this site isn't all bad I decided to setup a different way to get around

Take a look at any month's worth of entries by clicking on the name of a month in the menu near the top of my journal. From there you can see a list of a month's entries with a little summary of each. Now you can view a month's worth of entry photos by clicking on "View Entries w/Photos" at the top of the listing. I think it's a great way to explore my site visually and to get a quick glimpse into what's been going on in my life since 1998.

You can now rifle through entries month by month using previous and next month links at the top of each list. Flip through my entries like a book and enjoy!

As always, please feel free to let me know what you think about my site. The good, bad, great, whatever -- I love to get feedback. Believe it or not, although I do this web programming stuff for my job, it's a blast to do here at home for fun. Thanks and enjoy!

posted Jul 6, 2006 under blog, journal, navigation, photo blog  

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