Photo ~ Sail Boats and Brown's Point

Sail boats and Brown's Point

Stunning day out there. Little warm for my taste but I guess I won't be picky. After a busy day at work we got a call/invite from Angela and Steve. They had a table on the deck at Katie Downs and we happily joined them. Let me tell you, Tacoma loves them some waterfront and today that was abundantly clear. Schuster Parkway was backed up past the Navy boats as everyone searched for something cool to do near the water.

Food was good and the conversation was better. As was watching the dance that was people searching for a table to sit at. What a beautiful place we live in. Take a second to think about the wonderful geography we're blessed with here and let family and friends not from around here know -- if for nothing else just to make them jealous. ;)

posted May 30, 2007 under browns point, sail boats, summer, tacoma  

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