Photo ~ City Building at Night

The Tacoma Photo Gang had our monthly Beans & Seens meet-up Tuesday night at Black Water. We tried a new format where each person brought a few photos that everyone would critique and talk about. It was just the right amount of structure to give the meeting real purpose but certainly didn't prevent spontaneous sharing of other photos, tips and tricks. I was inspired enough that after the meeting I setup the crappy tripod I always have in the trunk of my car (the good one only comes with me on planned trips) and braved the near freezing, windy cold to get the following shot of the Tacoma Municipal Building I thought I would share:

Tacoma Municipal Building at night

The glow of the building against the dimly light-pollution lit sky combined with the wet reflections and perspective lines in the foreground just made this shot for me. A bonus was that a car was pulling out of the coffee house parking lot during this exposure which added a strange, ghostly light to the VW in the foreground.

It's always a great feeling to be inspired and the Gang definitely brings it out of me when we get together.

posted Jan 31, 2008 under beans and seens, black water, meetup, tacoma photo gang  

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