Tacoma Photo Gang - Waterlogged on the Waterfront (update 1)

Our plans to get together today as a Photo Gang were somewhat complicated by the weather. Nevertheless, after breakfast at Knapp's, a hearty few of us still enjoyed some time snapping shots. Starting off at Knapp's was a pretty solid idea and thanks to Michael H. for showing up even though he couldn't join us for the shoot down on Ruston Way. The guy was even nice enough to print out and laminate a copy of that Photographer's Bill of Rights -- perfect when your being hassled by "the man" on a rainy day. ;) Seriously, thanks for the thought Michael.

So, yea, as you might suspect it was one heckuva rainy day out there yesterday but it didn't make any difference to the eight of us. We wandered the small area of the Ruston Way waterfront around Katie Downs but all still managed to make the best of it and pull some good shots off. Afterwards we were invited into Photo Gang member Sharon's house so we could all view one another's photos. It was great to instantly re-live the occasion but, as it always true with photographers, through different perspectives.

We'll be sure to head down there again in more favorable weather and plan other outings so keep your eyes out here or on the Tacoma Flickr discussion group.

Other soggy survivalist pics
Link to Tacoma Photo Gang on Flickr
Link to Joel's photos

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