Photos ~ 2006 Tacoma Freedom Fair

After a quick jaunt to get an accessory for my camera, Sarah and I walked down to the Tacoma Freedom Fair. We enjoyed the walk through the Puget Gardens Park ravine and continued to enjoy the entire day after that. The weather was stunning out there with a cool breeze and a few clouds to tame the sun. With friends Angela and Steve we strolled back and forth along Ruston Way taking in the sights. The food was good, the air show was great, and the people watching was spectacular. We really enjoyed ourselves down there this year and the cooler weather was a huge part of that. It's amazing how Mother Nature can effect us. Today, she did a top notch job.

This is a silly photo of Steve and a kinda' cool portrait of all of us

posted Jul 4, 2006 under forth of july, freedom fair, tacoma  

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