Photos ~ 2006 Tacoma fireworks over Commencement Bay

After a busy day down at the Freedom Fair Sarah and I were joined by a slew of friends to watch the Tacoma fireworks. I staked out a spot around 7pm just down the street from our house. It's a popular spot near a ravine overlooking the bay that neighbors gather to enjoy the show. Gavin, Holly, Gavin's brother and girlfriend, and mom and grandma came by as did Steve (of the Fergusons). The evening was chilly with a persistent breeze blowing hard enough that Sarah had to bring by some warmer things for me to use. We even got some DS playing in with Gavin's brother Tyson!

The crowd thickened, Gav and I setup our cameras, and we all enjoyed the show which made a colorful end to a busy but fun-filled weekend.

Update (2006-07-06 @ 9:19am) - More photos
Joel Parker has a collection of fireworks photos he snapped this 4th from the 11th Street Bridge in Tacoma. Great perspective and some lovely shots.

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