Photos ~ Glass Roots despite dicey weather

Just got back from my first visit to the Glass Roots Festival downtown. I've missed it previously but finally made it down this time around. Embellish Salon is the anchor point for the event and the largest canvas there. As you might notice, the north facing wall is now less purple and more a half scenic, half graffiti mural. Made a point to add it to my growing Tacoma mural map as well. Down Court "D" itself was a smattering of artists booths. Evan Schauss was on-hand and I got to see him fashion a great little glass walrus. I had a chat with Tim Kapler who just opened his show over at Sanford and Sons. Solar Richard was there providing power for the music stage and educating about power from the Sun and great energy saving technologies. Ann Meersman was there happily not selling art but made the tiles created by kids at this years Art on the Ave available to the artists. Marty Campbell was there and took part in a mock debate with Macbeth from the local Shakespeare in the Parking Lot troop.

The weather was pretty dicey out there today which kept the crowds a bit thin. No huge downpours though so everyone seemed to be having a good time. Hopefully some better weather combined with a strong push to get the word out will get more folks there next year. Glad I made it down this year and here's to some clearer weather next time around!

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