Photos ~ 2007 Tacoma fireworks over Commencement Bay

I'm skipping over the entry about the daytime Freedom Fair activities [for now] to get right to the good stuff. Fireworks! Sarah dropped me off as far down 36th as they would let us and I made my way back to the Les Davis pier. Even though plenty of others had the VIP access required to get onto the pier there was plenty of room to watch the show. My honest guess is that most local VIP's in general know or themselves own a place with views overlooking Commencement Bay.

Anyway, I setup by Mike, another local photographer and we waited for the sky to dim and the show to begin. For the other photogs out there, I shot at ISO 200 and F13 for various exposures using my handheld remote/bulb trigger. This worked pretty well except that some really bright, white fireworks overexposed a bit. The colors came through great though. The pier was great because, for some shots, I could pull in a bunch of the pyrotechnics reflections on the water. I started by shooting in landscape but then switched to a portrait orientation so I could grab more of the reflections off the water.

The show seemed a bit short (about 20 minutes) but I'm sure everyone says that every year. ;) It was fun nevertheless so cheers to the Tacoma Events Commission and all the other sponsors for putting it on!

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