Photos ~ Misc. About Town Yesterday

There doesn't really have to be a cohesive story to every blog post, right? Nah! Here's a few somewhat random pics I snapped about downtown Tacoma yesterday. Enjoy!

Old City Hall looking as dapper as ever

A fantastic nitted/cross-stitched/whatev stop sign post cozy -- totally brightened my day!

Saw some movers bringing what looked like shelves or something into the old Cascade Bagel place just across from the WSHM

Looks like Chins will soon be Happy #4 Teriyaki

That late afternoon downpour really got the 96ers that drain the entire Nalley Valley a'gushing

21st Street cable stay bridge with the dark storm already passed

posted Jun 10, 2010 under about town, bridge, old city hall, spanish steps, tacoma  

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