Photos ~ CLAW Annual Meeting of Goodness

After a fantastic year of chalking, open swimming, 24 hour comic-ing, regularly comic'ing, and zine-ing, I'd say your friendly neighborhood CLAW has started things off right. The fledgling group swiftly grew from the original four to now nine members (and is always accepting more!) and has given hundreds of dollars in scholarships to local students. Last night, they invited a few locals into their super secret annual meeting at the beautiful Pythian Temple to be inducted as the first ever "Friends of CLAW" for supporting their efforts in the community of normals and cartoonists alike.

Here's to many more years of CLAW and here's my pictures from last night!

The hymn to which we kazoo'ed

Huh, who knew RR would look so good with a sword

CLAW's gone wild

posted Jan 5, 2010 under cartoonists, ceremony, claw, tacoma  

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