Photos ~ A beautiful day for Art on the Ave

Sarah and I ventured out on our bikes this afternoon to enjoy this year's Art of the Ave. The weather was fine with plenty of sunshine and a bit of a breeze to keep things tolerable. Our ride was smooth and mostly on bike lanes down Stevens and Union. We chose to use a couple neighborhoods as well to stay somewhat off the beaten path. We met up with Angela and Steve (of the Fergusons) a took a stroll through the even down Sixth Ave. When walking through an area like this it's amazing how many little shops and eateries you discover. Even driving by at a reasonable 30 MPH makes some of these small businesses a blur.

There were some great vendors out and a few of the local shops spilled onto the street as an inviting way to check them out. The music stages were pretty plentiful with some solid acts. Our pick was one the Jazzbones stage and was a woman with a band called Vicci Martinez. She had a solid group and her own powerful yet feminine voice to push them forward. Seemed like Dave Matthews meets Ani DiFranco -- but cooler. We enjoyed a small cluster of vintage cars with a few newer electric and hybrid ones thrown in to make a point. Some street-side glass blowing was somewhat mind-blowing especially since they had a mobile kiln and the dunk tank was a decent childish delight.

Aside from some overflowing garbage, it was a great afternoon for a stroll to view some good art and great people watching. We even saw a couple other friends along the way. We also have plenty of new shops and cafe's to try out. There goes my paycheck!

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