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My quest for less and less grass in my yard took a leap forward this weekend. After some serious manual labor there now remains only a thing strip of grass left in my backyard. The rest, this weekend and in the past, has been removed. A patch between the porch and carport was the latest to go to make way for a far more productive area of vegetables and herbs.

My anti-grass thing comes after realizing over the years that, no matter how much work you put into grass, it seems to require more time and resources as time passes. Water. Fertilizer. Mowing. Aerating. Thatching. More water. And yet more water. And for what -- something pretty-ish and uniform that feels good under foot? Well, I'd rather have stuff I can eat and leave the frolicking space to our great local parks. My plantings since moving in 5 years ago all thrive and require next to no maintenance save for a pruning and weeding here and there. Even water isn't much of an issue even during the summer unless there's a particularly long hot spell.

So, joining my lavender, rosemary, chives, sage, blueberries and tomatoes will soon be much more. And this isn't the end, either, as I hope possibly this season to do away with the remainder of my front yard in favor of edibles. Stay tuned... In the meantime, here's pics from the latest endeavor.

Testing my process first with just a single square of sod

I used a manual edger to cut the space into a grid

Then loosened all the pieces of sod with a pitchfork



Good thing I have two!

Thus begins the sequence showing, row by row, removal of all the grass/sod

Done and ready for leveling and planting!

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