Photos ~ A Late Summer Storm Cell

After I turned north on my bike ride home from work I noticed some sinister looking clouds off further in that direction. After and hour or so, sure enough, I heard thunder rumbling from above. A couple impressive cells glided past; one to the north and one to the south. I hopped in my car and snapped some photos where N. Stevens bends into 46th. Now this is real weather. Didn't get any shots of the stunning lightning strikes I saw (note to self: get neutral density filter) like the pics from last summer but here's what the scene looked like. Enjoy!

Looking from the North End of Tacoma towards Vashon Island (in the rain-shrouded distance)

Lady Washington and the storm

Dash Point

posted Aug 13, 2009 under puget sound, tacoma, thunderstorm, vashon island, weather  

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