Photos ~ Up Close With Biden at Tacoma Rally

Ensie, Frinklin, TacomaMama and I met up bright and early this morning for some grub at PSP before heading to today's Obama/Biden rally at Cheney Stadium. We got in line and chilled (literally) with everyone else waiting to get in. Good spirits abounded and we were even given fancy yellow bracelets that meant we could sit in the stands behind Biden. After we shuffled in, waited some more, one of the rules of being behind the candidate was no pictures while he spoke. Understandable but I darted and opted instead to be on the ground immediately in front of the podium where I had a great view and met some great people.

The speakers thankfully started early and among them were Peter Goldmark, John Ladenburg, Norm Dicks, Darcy Burner, Adam Smith, Maria Cantwell, Patty Murray, Gov. Chris Gregoire, and the man himself, Joe Biden. Thanks to them for taking the time to come to Tacoma and to all the organizers for a great event. Obama/Biden ftw!

Other Presidential Related Run-Ins
2004 - John Kerry in Tacoma
2000 - Pilgrims in and un-holy land (Bush visit to Lakewood)
2000 - McCainiacs (McCain at PLU)

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