Photos ~ Jazzy, some hydrangea, and more backyard planting

After a great waffle breakfast Mom and Dad dug up some specimen from their beautiful grounds to donated them to our cause. Sarah and I are currently running the "please help us do something with our yard" charity. Inquire within. ;) Anyway, after that we drove home and immediately set out to plant our new babies in various parts of the yard.

Jazzy in a window at my parents' house

A stunning hydrangea in my parents' garden (note to self: get us some of this!)

Another planting plot at our house

Here it is dug out and ready for plants

Here are our new babies

Kevin's a dirty, dirty boy

A spot we dug out from the lawn to make room for our long-potted evergreen tree

Flowers and herbs we planted a couple weeks ago still alive and well

And a shot of our kitty Colby (just so they don't get jealous seeing other cats on our website)

A section of our yard on the south side of the house...

...after some fun in Photoshop adding in some trees

posted Jun 26, 2005 under hand-me-down plants, hydrangea, window cat  

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