Photos ~ Cereal Party [update: now w/video]

Some people have makeup parties. There are, of course, stamp parties. One could easily get wasted at a wine tasting party. But last night an entirely new kind of party took place on the back patio of Freidioland (aka Casa de Freitai): a cereal party. While we were together with friends ensie, Frinklin, and AP Sunday night somehow the topic of cereal came up. AP suddenly waxed serious and inquired as to whether we wanted to venture down that rabbit hole. Venture we did after Frinklin suggested we take a break from our normal Monday night at The Red Hot and instead sample a variety of our favorite selections of cereal. And, believe it or not, it was fun! ;)

The selections were wide-ranging. Frinklin brought Cinnamon Toast Crunch and Apple Jacks. Ensie opted for some Honey Nut Shredded Wheat and the strawberry Special K. I went for more of a dessert selection that combines Cocoa Puffs with chocolate milk and Whoppers. :) Sarah chose a lighter, more of a ciesta fare in Rice Chex with sliced banana. AP mixed things up with regular and chocolate Rice Krispies (meant for the mixing) and Honey Bunches of Oats.

We had small samples in custard cups and settled on larger bowls for our favorites. A couple toy surprises made us feel like kids again (since when did LEDs make their way into these things anyway?) but no one aside from me could handle my chocolate craziness. I enjoyed a small taste of Cinnamon Toast Crunch first which stands as the only cereal I can never get tired of. Not too sweet but plenty of crunchy to defy a milk soaking. I tried out AP's mix of regular and chocolate Rice Krispies but was underwhelmed. Maybe the 1-to-1 mixture wasn't enough to let either variety shine. I also had the Rice Chex with banana but decided to punch that up a notch with a light drizzle of chocolate sauce. In the end, my chocolate explosion won the day for me and left me on a sugar low an hour or so later that made going to bed easy.

I'll ask the other participants to post their thoughts below. Meanwhile, what's your favorite cereal? And when are we going to do this again? This could be big, baby, BIG!

Update (2008-05-21 @ 1:50pm)

Here's the super chocolaty combination spoon cam!

Our selections for the evening

AP's pumped

Frinklin and his Apple Jacks

ensie and Frinklin (back) digging in

Sarah and some Honey Nut Shredded Wheat

Banana and Rice Chex

Rice Chex and chocolate sauce drizzle

AP's sampling technique

Profile of me with my mouth full

It ain't good if you don't get any on ya

ensie's honey and Rice Krispies combo

My rockin' stylin' new watch

Worship the LED spoon

Regular and chocolate Rice Krispies

Kevin's chocolate finale: Cocoa Puffs, Whoppers, and chocolate milk

AP tries it out...

...and simply can't handle it

Upping the ante with a little more chocolate drizzled on top

"No problem," says I

Lovin' it

Frinklin is in for the chocolaty goodness

But he can't handle it either

A successful cereal party aftermath

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