Photos ~ Sunset from Chamber's Bay

I was out Friday night at the Chamber's Bay golf course and was reminded just how stunning it is out there. Though not at all a golfer myself I had no problem enjoying the stunning vista of water, islands, and sky that stretches before any visitor to this spot. The sunset was lovely and is probably different every time but it made for some great camera fodder for myself, Mandiferous, Mr. Zastica, and even the News Tribune's Janet Jensen.

Sunset from Chambers Bay golf course
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What brought us all together on a chilly February night? Lights for the Narrows Bridges. Mandiferous and Zastica were kind enough to come along to snap photos while we tested various lighting options mainly for visibility over long distances and Janet was there to cover the action for the paper. It was a fun exercise and I thank both our volunteers for helping out. Hopefully standing out in the cold that night will be justified by a future dazzling display on our twin spans. If not, at least we had that sunset.

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