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Last night's CLAW Open Swim pitted teams of two against one another in a 45 minute imaginary product battle royal! Come up with a product, anything at all, illustrate it, and pitch it for fun and prizes. Once the time started, Stowe drew up and I wrote and, in my best sales pitchy voice, presented this:

Pimp Your Ride Back to the Future  with
Doc Brown's DIY Flux Capacitor Kit!!!
1.21 JigaWHAAAAAT?
That's right!
Impress your friends and family (and get the girl) once
you take your average car into a whole new decade! For
just $19.95 we'll send you newly de-classified instructions
for your very own flux capacitor. This LOW price can't beat!
"Is there a problem with gravity in the future?!"
No chance! Our prices are low because we cut out the middle man before he was even born!
It's easy! All you need to get started is...
- a car
- some twisty straws
- tupperware containers
- vacuum cleaner hoses
- leftover sparklers and roman candles (for that extra special time travel effect)
- weapons grade plutonium
Buy yours today before supplies run out!
* vectors for successful time travel not included
** not responsible for irreperable damage to this or any other timeline
and for accidental dating or making it with your own, hot, younger mom in the past
*** products and spoofs seen in the future may not actually come true
**** cannot be held responsible for time travel to the old west resulting in boredom
or any accidents involving shit, dung, poo, or manure
***** supplies won't actually run out because we'll just go back into the past and get
those supplies
Doc Brown's DIY Flux Capacitor Kit:
"It's what makes time travel possible!"

Everyone did a great job and I had a blast last night and we snagged second place (would've had first had we not gone first, imho -- blast your strategery RR Anderson!!!). Thanks CLAW!

Link to the Cartoonist's League of Absurd Washingtonians

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